Saturday, November 28, 2009

17 Fish-block

Well I`ve finally run the arithmetic blocks into the ground. Don`t get me wrong I still think they`re cool but I`m tired of dreaming about them. This block came to me at the edge of sleep. I had to get up and write myself a note for in the morning. It worked great, so well in fact I was inspired to play some more. Next came the spikey cat, the escaping puppy, the swollen bunny, the irritated cat, the star-gazing dog, Yak with mountains, barking night dog, and the texture blocks.
Ahhhh! Above is the 17 fish block as a full size peel, with image tabs to help hide the seams. It works pretty good, I asembled a couple to test the pattern. More to follow.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Arithmetic Block Set Specs

Well the entire first set of digits and symbol blocks are ready. The complete set of blocks contains two serial blocks, one odd, one even, one prime, one fibonacci, three Roman numeral, two square-root, two cube-root, one fraction, four factor, and three symbol blocks. This comes to twenty one number blocks and a total of twenty eight symbols. The symbols include a great many more than I ever heard of studying arithmatic. The real criterion for making the list was cool symbols that might be possible to explain to a kid. Some of them are going to be a bit of a stretch, to use in an equation correctly or to define in a usefull way. There is no doubt they look cool and they`re definitly thought provoking, heck makes me want to learn more math. Well they`re all sealed. Now that theyr`e photographed the list of definitions of the symbols on them is next, but it aint ready yet.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Neopolitan Has Nine Layers Already

We are once agian indebted to The Plush Neon Monkey, just couldn`t leave it alone.
I`d hoped carefull thought might generate a few more fun number catagories for block content.
Look-out! There`s more than a dozen diferent block configurations so far. These pictures represent an in progress preview of the first arithmetic blocks, still unsealed.

The latest additions include lower digits of square roots,
cube-roots, roman numerals to twelve, and one block of fractions. These are in addition to serial on two blocks, even, odd, prime, and fibonacci blocks already made.

The block holder mortis-jig and the gang sanding-jig have made mass-production as easy
it seems likely till I`ve got a belt-sander.

Now the real limiting factor seems to be the twenty minutes to cut each mortis, and the need to limit the number of them in a day to about sixteen. The stress of the chissel turned my fingers bright red and painfull just short of blistering. Fifteen of the sixteen gang-sanded group were good and more uniform than most of those that were harder to do. The fractions were toughest to burn but they seem worth it. The Roman numeral blocks had the same inversion-juxtaposition chalenges that the six-nine block had, but it seems worth it because of the way it reveals Roman numeral construction techniques so clearly.

The next post will include the a complete list ot the arithmetic blocks and layout of each block. A list of definitions of the eighteen plus math symbols , will also be included.