Friday, September 25, 2009

Block-ish Blockidge-ah blocka-blocka-blocka

This is the fifth or possibly the sixth group in this set of blocks.

The first group in this set of blocks were mostly a set of regular polygons, cut from inch thick pine. Since I used a small drill bit in the hand drill the coping-saw removed the centers so neatly
that the block-sanded, grain-matching centers were added to the set.
The first group contained triangles, hexagons, pentagons, heptagons and trapazoids. My cutting wasn`t nearly neat enough, the hand-sanding was beatin me down, and giving me a fever in my elbow. The blocks were looking fun when I passed these on to my friends. I mentioned that, "I like thinking about what shapes might be fun to play with and making them in wood, but the sanding was about to shut me down".

Niko, Amy, and Johnathin pitched in on the sanding and finished the first bunch. They stained a few and gave them all a first coat of water-based urathane and let them dry. Next, they once again sanded the heck outtah all of them because the grain raised up big time. The second coat worked good and the first of the block set got played.