Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Alrighty then, I finally completed "Breakfast With Badgers" and it only took till 3:30 in the morning. The proof is only black and white so far but it folded up nice and there weren`t any obvious flaws to fix with the images.

I had to draw from 3 blocks this time. Not all of the fore ground breakfast block was looking good enough. The squid tentacle holding a coffee cup was just a confusing tangle, and the espresso looked better than the coffee.

So there it is, enjoy, but remember if the badgers ask you to pass the marmalade you probably shouldn`t make them wait. As before, the best assembly instructions I`ve found are by Sam Ciulla online in pdf form. Other than that the hint photos in the previous post might be useful here as well. I had some challenges opening the pdf instructions after saving them to print them out, so here they are in jpg form eh?


Monday, December 20, 2010


Ah-yup, there`s a cheery thought. Getting past the arithmetic blocks didn`t cause the outpouring of block post variety I had expected, but I have taken a couple of interesting themes up. Toaster And Squid cartoons and finally a pair of blocks, were just the beginning. The "Toaster Squid" spiky-ball Christmas ornament was a challenging but fun experiment that led to the "Xmas-Bones," ball and then the "Tribe-Ball." Each of these ornaments include faces from two wood-burned, cube-shaped blocks draped over the faces of stellated-octahedra (spiky-balls). Forgive my black and white proofs, my printer`s stumblin.

 The single sheet origami stella-octangula plan I used was designed by Sam Ciulla. The instructions I found most useful were, stellated_octahedron.pdf.

I`ve made several in the process of working out image placement precision. The only things I would add to these directions are, these hints as to how it should look as you get close to finished folding. If you got this far with the folding, you probably woulda figured it out anyway, but here they are.

My friend Keven came through wit the color proofs, and they`re pretty cool even with no jingle bell showing.