Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Buffalo Mao Puzzle Level C Peels

These are the last nine block peels of the Buffalo Mao puzzle blocks. Now comes the fun part. Making the mock up I made a single block blank to wrap out of scraps of foam board and masking tape. Just to support the corners for taping. I still haven't stuck any on wooden blocks.  

Buffalo Mao Puzzle Level B Nine Peels

These nine peels are from the middle layer (from the top).

They are blocks 1-9 of Level B.

Buffalo Mao Puzzle Level A, Nine Peels

The 27 blocks each have both names and icons that locate them in the stack. From the top down the three levels are called A, B, and C. Each block has a number from 1-9 and a letter that tells what layer it's from, and a matching icon in the lower right corner of the page it's on.



Nine is a lot of pictures for one post, but just                                                     enough to contain the top layer A 1-9 of this                                                       puzzle.

Buffalo Mao Puzzle Blocks

This seemed so simple at first. Maybe if it was one layer. This set of blocks is three layers of 9, 27 blocks in all. The 18 pictures found 6 per axis are from the Buffalo Mao comic book, plus one that wasn't originally included. These three pictures show a couple of different views of the mock-up I pieced together to work out the peel pasterns ( that's why they look a little ragged and have some tape showing).

                          The list bellow shows what's where axis wise.

 The address maps (three pages worth) show how to map your own 18 pictures onto a set of 27 blocks.

To the left is a full size (Biggest I could print reliably on an 8 1/2 x 11) template for building yer own peels on. Below it is a template for one of the 18 pictures for your own puzzle. All these patterns are made to print well on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet. A full set of the 27 peels for the Buffalo Mao puzzle blocks is in the next post.