Saturday, December 6, 2014

Shh, Here Come Tha...

After searching through over 2,000 pictures for several days, I must now face it. I have made and allowed 2 sets of my favorite wooden Teefes to get away and I've only got about 6 pictures (some blurry) to show. Now lest you get the wrong idea, the Toothy Fairy trap (a modified re-purposed mouse trap) has had it's spring cut. The little green bungee was once a hair tie. Now it's a safety spring.
It sounds fun to catch a Tooth Fairy, but there's nothing funny about a Tooth Fairy with a broken leg.

 When I started drawing cartoons about Teefes (tea-fez) I soon realized that the highly realistic looking ones weren't near as much fun as the pen and ink onna-block-looking ones. Instead of paint again I stuck with woodburned decorations, and found the more I made the better I liked em.

At first I was still stuck on the idea of making whole sets of wooden teeth. I continued to brush up on tooth anatomy, not a bad idea just an unfinished one. It turns out, teeth are weird, un glamorous, and to put a fine point on it, a little creepy. Bummer! Did I mention unbalanced? Most teeth don't want to stand up. I had run into this before, only much bigger when my lack of insurance and spotty tooth maintenance led me to build a tile crowned, 450 lb molar called LR3 (lower right 3rd from the rear). It definitely cheered me up while I slowly got mine fixed.

 While studying tooth structure in preperation for LR3 I noticed some teeth had really nice features. Significantly more interesting than most. Character, beauty marks, significant modeling, some teeth (from here on refereed to as Teefes, I believe that's how they would refer to each other) just seem more tooth-like "Archa-Teefes". Instead of trying to produce realistic looking Teefes, I attempted to come up with the features that were toothy ( yeah sounds lame to me too). It didn't make much sense but even before I'd made my first dozen I was already thinking about my first hundred.

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