Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Two Flattened Spoons

The blocks have been more than fun. I am charged,
 inspired, like totally excited. Oh yeah, and embarrassed like I forgot my cousins name. Well how about another book then. It's not like I forgot you lot. Scratch (another of my digital Batcaves) that, just cause most everybody who's doing it seems to be 8 or nine, doesn't mean coding's easy as an abacus. Like you can multiply with beads on sticks, well they do make that lovely clacking sound.

Show of hands, who knows what happens to scratched, flattened, bent, stained old spoons?

 Oddly enough, I'm not sure what happened to the two flattened spoons that started me down this trail. I found them beside the highway, and put them in my pocket. They were all scratches, and flat enough to start new jobs, but as what?

What if they come back?

I liked making the story, I wanted to see the "flatware" do well.

Really The props were my favorite part and even though I had other pages I didn't love this enough to keep tweaking it. Maybe later. I wanted blocks to play with, and dream about. If I had to choose books or blocks, I needed some new blocks. Oh yeah weird new blocks, the sooner, the stranger, the better.

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